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Feasibility Analysis and Requirements Samples †

Question: Discuss about the Feasibility Analysis and Requirements. Answer: Feasibility Analysis: Technical Feasibility The proposed system included the development of online website that will be accessible by all the customers for pacing of the package delivery. Furthermore, the system aims at providing real time monitoring and management of the vehicle and the package during delivery time. The project for the Signed, Sealed, Delivered is technically feasible with the development of the website and monitoring of the package and vehicle location with the GPS technology. In addition to that, implementation of cloud technology will allow the business to provide real time updating of the information and accessing the system from any devices both from van and warehouse. Economic Feasibility The implementation of the cloud technology in the Signed, Sealed, Delivered system will required considerable budget for the initial implementation. The application of the cloud services allows in modification of the plan based on the usage. This will allow the company to pay as per use for the service. In addition to, the budget required for the system implementation will allow the company to enhance their business and market share. Therefore, the project is economically feasible. Operational Feasibility The proposed website will be accessible through any operating system, both with handheld devices and computers. In addition to that, the system will accessed with the technical devices used by the employees of Signed, Sealed, Delivered. The functional and operational module in the proposed system will be easily accessed and operated by the employees and customers. Therefore, the proposed system is feasible. Requirements Analysis Functional Specification The following are the detailed functional specification for the proposed Signed, Sealed, Delivered courier system: The customer will be able to log in to the system by creating and registering through the website; The customer will be able to select the particular delivery time and location through the system; The customer will be able to track and monitor the status of the package delivery; The system will be calculate the payment and billing status for each customer; The employees will be able to access the system through the devices available in the van; The information updated about the delivery and pick up location will be modified in real time in the system; The system will be able to track the position of the van during the delivery period; Non-functional Specification The non-functional requirement of the system includes: The website will be available to the customers for 99.99% of the time; the system will be reliable and secure for adding the sensitive information about the customer; The system will be able to recover in case of breakdown; Project constraints Cost, quality and time are the major constraints during the development of the courier system for Signed, Sealed, Delivered. The cost constraints defined the actual budget required for implementing the system, whereas the quality define the technical and functional module being achieved through the system. Apart from that, the time constraints define the time required for completing the project. Changes in any one factor modified the other two. Therefore, the project manager needs to balance between the three constraints for ensuing the project success. Project Work Breakdown Structure WBS Dictionary: Outline Number Task Name Duration Start Finish 0 Signed, Sealed, Delivered courier system project 106 days Sat 5/27/17 Mon 10/23/17 1 start project 0 days Sat 5/27/17 Sat 5/27/17 2 project initiation phase 17 days Mon 5/29/17 Tue 6/20/17 2.1 meeting with Signed, Sealed, Delivered 2 days Mon 5/29/17 Tue 5/30/17 2.2 identify the client requirement 1 day Wed 5/31/17 Wed 5/31/17 2.3 identify project scope 1 day Thu 6/1/17 Thu 6/1/17 2.4 develop functional requirements 4 days Fri 6/2/17 Wed 6/7/17 2.5 develop project charter 7 days Thu 6/8/17 Fri 6/16/17 2.6 approval of project charter 2 days Mon 6/19/17 Tue 6/20/17 3 project planning phase 10 days Wed 6/21/17 Tue 7/4/17 3.1 kickoff brainstorming meeting 1 day Wed 6/21/17 Wed 6/21/17 3.2 develop plan for implementation 5 days Thu 6/22/17 Wed 6/28/17 3.3 project plan development 2 days Thu 6/29/17 Fri 6/30/17 3.4 approval for project plan 1 day Mon 7/3/17 Mon 7/3/17 3.5 allocate resource 1 day Tue 7/4/17 Tue 7/4/17 4 project execution phase 63 days Wed 7/5/17 Fri 9/29/17 4.1 verify the functional module 1 day Wed 7/5/17 Wed 7/5/17 4.2 develop the website 16 days Thu 7/6/17 Thu 7/27/17 4.3 develop the employee system 25 days Fri 7/28/17 Thu 8/31/17 4.4 procure hardware 1 day Fri 9/1/17 Fri 9/1/17 4.5 procure software 2 days Mon 9/4/17 Tue 9/5/17 4.6 install the system 4 days Wed 9/6/17 Mon 9/11/17 4.7 testing of the develop system 6 days Tue 9/12/17 Tue 9/19/17 4.8 cloud implementation 4 days Wed 9/20/17 Mon 9/25/17 4.9 install live system 1 day Tue 9/26/17 Tue 9/26/17 4.10 provide training to the employees of Signed, Sealed, Delivered 2 days Wed 9/27/17 Thu 9/28/17 4.11 go live with the system 1 day Fri 9/29/17 Fri 9/29/17 5 project control phase 9 days Mon 10/2/17 Thu 10/12/17 5.1 status meeting 1 day Mon 10/2/17 Mon 10/2/17 5.2 update risk register 1 day Tue 10/3/17 Tue 10/3/17 5.3 monitor project progress 7 days Wed 10/4/17 Thu 10/12/17 6 Project closeout phase 7 days Fri 10/13/17 Mon 10/23/17 6.1 procurement audit 2 days Fri 10/13/17 Mon 10/16/17 6.2 develop project document 3 days Tue 10/17/17 Thu 10/19/17 6.3 project handover 1 day Fri 10/20/17 Fri 10/20/17 6.4 signoff team members 1 day Mon 10/23/17 Mon 10/23/17 7 stop project 0 days Mon 10/23/17 Mon 10/23/17 Bibliography Burke, R., 2013. 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